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March 27, 2024

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The latest wellness trend to join the ranks of drinking water with apple cider vinegar and consuming olive oil on an empty stomach is the practice of starting the day with a glass of water mixed with a pinch of salt. While we all know the importance of staying hydrated, experts are now advocating for the addition of salt to our morning routine to unlock additional health benefits.

This simple concoction, easily made with ingredients found in most pantries, is said to "remineralize" the body, boosting energy levels and enhancing concentration. Supermodel Elle Macpherson is known to be a proponent of this practice, often leaving a glass of water with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt by her bedside to enjoy upon waking up.

To create this healthful drink, you'll need a mineral-rich salt, preferably Himalayan, or electrolyte sachets commonly used by athletes post-workout. Electrolyte drinks have surged in popularity as people become more aware of the dangers of dehydration, which can lead to decreased energy levels, chronic headaches, and inflammation.


But why are electrolytes so important for our bodies? These minerals with an electrical charge play a vital role in cellular hydration, ensuring proper functioning of cells by maintaining fluid balance inside and outside cell membranes. They also support the nervous system and muscles, regulate pH levels, and manage blood pressure.

Photo by: Kristina Stets @kristina__stets

The need for electrolyte supplements varies based on factors like activity level, age, and fluid intake. Supplements may be particularly beneficial after activities that result in fluid loss, such as flying or consuming alcohol. However, not all electrolyte supplements are created equal; it's advisable to avoid those containing artificial additives or low-quality minerals.

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Dehydration or electrolyte depletion can lead to a range of symptoms, including muscle weakness, fatigue, and irritability. While electrolytes are crucial, it's unnecessary to add them to every glass of water consumed. One or two electrolyte supplements a day is typically sufficient.

The ideal time to take an electrolyte supplement is often in the morning, especially if dehydration may have occurred overnight. However, they can be consumed at any point during the day, particularly after sweating or engaging in physical activity.


Consider incorporating electrolyte drinks when traveling, recovering from illness, or after alcohol consumption. For a simple morning routine, add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach. Choose a finer salt variety for easier dissolution.

Photo by: Kristina Stets @kristina__stets

"Dip your electrolyte drink in champagne flute for extravagance"


With Love, Victoria Silvstedt



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