High Jewelry Collection “Or Bleu”: An Ode to Icelandic Waters


June 29, 2024

Claire Choisne's new Carte Blanche collection, “Or Bleu,” pays homage to water's essence, inspired by the raw and powerful landscapes of Iceland. This collection, featuring 26 High Jewelry creations by Boucheron, transcends mere ornamentation to capture the dynamic beauty of water in its many forms. 

The "Cascade" necklace, a testament to craftsmanship with 3,000 hours invested, mirrors the rush of a waterfall with its 148-centimeter length and 1,816 diamonds. The "Ondes" set, featuring a necklace and rings, embodies the rippling motion of water using rock crystal and 4,542 hidden diamonds, requiring 5,050 hours of meticulous work.

Iceland's dark waters find expression in the “Eau d’Encre” pieces, where obsidian’s deep black contrasts with brilliant diamonds. Similarly, the “Écume” rings use obsidian and rock crystal to evoke the interplay of foam and cliffs. The “Banquise” pieces, incorporating Grand Antique marble and white jade, replicate the stark beauty of ice floes.

Technological innovation and traditional techniques converge in “Or Bleu.” The "Sable Noir" set uses 3D printing to shape black sand into durable, iridescent pieces. The "Eau Forte" bracelet combines chemical etching and digital printing for precise, wave-like designs, while “Ciel de Glace” employs sandblasted rock crystal and gradient sapphires to mimic icy cave patterns.

To celebrate the collection’s launch, Boucheron collaborates with photographer Jan Erik Waider and musician Molécule. Their works, capturing Icelandic landscapes and ambient sounds, will enhance the collection’s presentation, starting in Paris on June 24th and traveling globally. 


Boucheron’s True Stories podcast series, available from June 24th, delves into the collection’s creation, featuring insights from Claire Choisne and the artisans who brought her vision to life. “Or Bleu” stands as a testament to the enduring beauty and preciousness of water, immortalized through high jewelry.


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