A Night AT The Museum: The High Vocal Notes, The Missing Artist, And The Strings Of A Violin. A CINAR Artistry Carpet Museum Soiree’ during Art Dubai.

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March 26, 2024

An unforgettable night took the breaths of the utmost selected and esteemed audience at a very private and exclusive soiree’ on the side of the closing of Art Dubai at CINAR’s Artistry Carpet Museum where guests were taken on a journey into history of the world’s most ancient and most luxurious handwoven silk art carpets.

From the remade oldest carpet known in history to the “Fears and Desires” Cinar made carpet depicting feminine fears and desires, the Great Mosque’s carpet of Istanbul to the Sutani Qaftan, Egyptian Carpet to Napoleon’s Blanket were just but a few of the tour that viewed the exhibited selection of the artistry carpets of CINAR’s newly unveiled museum in Dubai.

The soiree’ featured the live performance of Emily Thorner Ultra Soprano, and the Violinist Ezgi Türdü.

The ground floor tour was sealed by two anonymous and mysterious artworks of the Abstract Avant-Garde Artist Elena Butko before continuing on the upper floor of the museum with the framed art carpets depicting the Cinar’s reimagined artworks of “The Last Supper”, “The Creation Of Adam” among other very high end and Guiness World Record CINAR wall and ceiling carpets that followed the viewing of a short film demonstrating the process of producing a CINAR carpet induced with a CINAR very own music piece that produced specifically for the film. And in an adjacent private room the soiree’s guests had the chance to witness the “US Magnificent Carpet Award” winning masterpiece for 3 years in a row, in a live demonstration of the magical essence of the color changing carpet under different lights simulating day to night lighting. “Paradise” wall carpet is another wonder that hanged in the background of the room during the viewing.

“This event is WOW. I have been to so many events and nights, but this one is beyond my expectations”
- Patrizia Marin, President, Marco Polo Experience Magazine -



Among the guests of the soiree’ were SHerif Thomas the Founder and CEO of The Fashion Factor which featured the world’s first in history Artistry Carpet Fashion Show at their 7th Edition in February in Dubai in addition to the first Art Gallery Catwalk by Elena Butko, Walther Kranz’s CEO Samet Ozetci; the global PR agency, Patrizia Marin the President of Marco Polo Experience Magazine and the World Bank Representative for Sustainability, Alexandra Busheva the Assistant Manager and Producer at Broadway Entertainment Group famous for their Dubai Opera’s production of “The Phantom of the Opera Musical”, Ersoy Erkazanci, Bloomberg HT’s correspondent, among many others.

A Night AT The Museum Soiree’ enjoyed the media and strategic partnerships of the Fashion Factor, Walther Kranz, Yoona AI Design, Elena Butko Avant Garde Art, Monacolife Magazine, Marco Polo Experience Magazine, Porterium Magazine, Visionnaire Moral Moda Magazine, Art & Hope, and the orgnisation of the soiree’ courtesy of G.P.I. Global Partners Investments Limited as a follow up soiree’ after the historical FF7 Fashion Factor 7th edition earlier at The Agenda in Dubai.


CINAR Fine Rugs: cinarhali.com
Fashion Factor: fashionfactormea.com
Elena Butko: elenabutko.com

Emily Thorner: emily-thorner.com 

Ezgi Türdü: @ezgi_turdu_violin

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